Buyer Protection Policy

Is it safe to buy from ONVOG?

We aim to be the most trusted marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and accessories. That’s why, if a purchased item does not ultimately meet our standards, we can offer you support through our Buyer Protection Policy.

The Buyer Protection Policy enables us to better serve our customers by providing help and assistance both prior to and after the purchase. Whether it’s through ONVOG Credit or a full refund, if something goes wrong with your order, we will fix it!

In which situations does the Buyer Protection Policy apply?

The Buyer Protection Policy ensures coverage for you, the buyer, in the event your item is:

  • Received and deemed as inauthentic;
  • Received, but is the incorrect item;
  • Received, but does not match the item description or images;*
  • Received, but is missing a key feature;** or
  • Never delivered.

If one of the above issues applies to your purchase, we ask that you contact us by submitting a request to ONVOG support.

* Examples of items that do not match their description or photos include, but are not limited to sneakers that arrive with scuffs that weren’t described as such nor photographed in their listing, pants that arrive with a tear in the leg, sunglasses with incorrect lens color, etc.

** Examples of missing features include, but are not limited to, a parka without its hood attached, a bag missing the detachable shoulder strap, sneakers without their insoles, a backpack missing a zipper, etc.

What happens once I submit my request to ONVOG?

Once your claim is submitted, the ONVOG support specialists will follow up within one to two business days.

In the event, your item meets one or more of the requirements outlined under the Buyer Protection Policy we will provide you with a shipping label to be used to send the item to ONVOG. Your item must be shipped within 3 business days of receiving the shipping label.

ONVOG support specialists may offer ONVOG Credit available for immediate use or a refund. In the event a buyer accepts ONVOG Credit in place of a full or partial refund, the ONVOG Credit will reflect the full price of the purchased item, minus the shipping costs.

If a full refund is initiated, the amount paid less shipping costs will be credited back to the original payment method. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the refund to be reflected on your next billing cycle.

Does the Buyer Protection Policy cover all shipping methods?

Because ONVOG offers a wide range of delivery options, it’s important we provide you with peace of mind on any order. With the Buyer Protection Policy, each shipping method is covered equally to ensure you feel safe ordering from any one of our selling methods.

If you have any additional questions regarding our Buyer Protection Policy, please feel free to reach out to ONVOG support or search our FAQs for more details.